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Big Sky Riding Skirt Pattern #231 - Folkwear

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At the turn of the 20th century enterprising equestrian women, such as rodeo star Fanny Sperry Steele (1887-1983), wore a divided skirt, or split skirt, that enabled them to ride astride, but preserved the "look" of a skirt. This garment is actually a culotte with a movable front panel that buttons either to the left, for a skirt effect, or to the right for a pant effect.

This sewing pattern has a deep center back pleat conceals the legs, providing plenty of fullness and assuring a smooth hipline. Double front plackets on either side of the front panel are secured with buttons, which extend down to the hem. We've added side seam pockets, not provided on the antique original. Two lengths are presented: a contemporary mid-calf length and the traditional ankle-length.

This "slick and clean" skirt has come to us from the collection of Tona Freeman Blake, who, with Liz Stiffler and Dee Marvine, has co-authored Fanny Sperry Steele's biography. The pattern was developed from Fanny's own skirt by Ruby Erickson of Augusta, Montana. 

Suggested fabrics: Medium to heavyweight cottons and blends such as poplin, denim, gabardine, corduroy; linen; light to medium-weight wools; suiting weight silks.

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