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Chanterelle Pants and Shorts, Sizes 0-24, Sew Liberated

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Bring a little ease and a whole lot of fun to your wardrobe with the Chanterelle Pants and Shorts pattern. Featuring a comfortable and easy-to-fit elastic waist, wide leg, barrel leg, and shorts views, Chanterelle will fill any gap in your wardrobe and be an all-seasons piece for years to come. The Chanterelle Pants and Shorts are the casual bottoms that can take a starring role in your wardrobe – dressed up in bright colors and fancy fabrics, casual in lightweight denim, or easy and cozy in soft fabrics.

We recommend a light- to medium-weight woven fabric that has no stretch.

The drape or hand of the fabric will impact the look of the final garment. Softer fabrics will fall more gently, and more stable fabrics will emphasize the leg shaping. Some wonderful choices are chambray, viscose-linen slub, sandwashed linen or cotton, ikat, Brussels washer linen, light twill (like Ventana twill), or Essex cotton-linen blend.

Recommended fabrics are opaque, and range in weight from 4.8 oz to 7.9 oz (155 – 268 GSM).

Fabric requirements

* single layer layout only

View A

45” (114 cm) wide fabric54” (137 cm) wide fabric
Sizes 0-10Sizes 12-24Sizes 26-34Sizes 0-24Sizes 26-34
3 yd (2.9 m) 3.5 yd (3.3 m) * 4 yd (3.7 m) * 3 yd (2.9 m) 3.25 yd (3 m)

View B

45” (114 cm) wide fabric54” (137 cm) wide fabric
Sizes 0-16Sizes 18-34Sizes 0-24Sizes 26-34
2.75 yd (2.6 m) 3 yd (2.9 m) * 2.5 yd (2.3 m) 2.75 yd (2.6 m)

View C

45” (114 cm) wide fabric54” (137 cm) wide fabric
Sizes 0-16Sizes 18-34Sizes 0-24Sizes 26-34
1.5 yd (1.4 m) 1.8 (1.7 m) * 1.25 yd (1.2 m) 2 yd (1.9 m)

Other Notions

  • 1/4 yd (0.25 m) of lightweight fusible interfacing, either woven or non-woven. (An average width of interfacing is 20” (0.5 m).) You could also use 1” wide fusible interfacing tape – you’d need 1 yd (1 m). 
  •  Elastic, 2” wide. We recommend Dritz Soft Waistband Elastic.
    • Sizes 0–16: 1 yard (0.9 m)
    • Sizes 18-34: 1 1⁄2 yards (1.4 m)
  • optional: cardstock, light cardboard, or a cereal box for pocket templates

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